We have a list of frequently asked questions and answers if you need help. Click one of the following questions to see the answer.

Yes, we train in small groups and therefore ask timely reservation of courses.

Yes, we train in small groups according to international guidelines (SSI, IAC).

Every guest attending a feediving course needs a medical certificate (not older than 1 year).

No, we train individually from a person.

We accept cash only payments, there is an ATM in the immediate vicinity.

It is always advisable to contact us beforehand (via e-mail), if you do not have your own training partner.

The majority of our guest (90%) stay at the Galo Resort Hotels (pls. view category living) or in our private apartments close to the center.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream we have moderate water temperatures between 18 ° C - 24 ° C throughout the year. There are no thermocline :-).

Yes, on the basis of legal requirements and for safety reasons, even if you want to freedive independently with your partner.

For liability reasons, once you check in we must see your freediving card (certification).

We are open Monday to Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm, closed on Sunday.
Our season is between 1st of March untill 6th of January (10 monthes season). We are closed between 7th of January and 28th of February.

Please look under the category News & Events.

Yes, in order for us to provide you with a personalised service, please use the contact form and send us your request in time.

Yes, you will receive a box from us when registering for all your personal equipment items. We do have two drying rooms, changing rooms, showers and toilets.

We meet at either 9.30 am or 1.30 pm each session (unless otherwised agreed). We would ask you to arrive 30min prior to have your check in done.

Yes, we have freediving buoys for hire.

There are various training stations (5m, 10m, 20m, 30m) directly in front of the base door in the UW nature reserve.