A time trip to the origin and a quantum leap into the 21st century

" All life has its origin in the sea, and who opens himself to the sea, finds excitement and relaxation."
(Hippocrates of Kos)

Apnea diving has a long tradition. The first known freedivers were the people of Haenyeo in Korea as well as the Japanese Ama divers who dived for shells and sponges, more than 2000 years ago. The tradition of the Amas is still carried out today in Japan. Spearfishers, pearl divers and freedivers for military purposes are other traditional forms of freediving.
However, the new era of freediving as a sport started only in 1949 when Raimondo Bucher bet he could dive down to 30m!
Although there has been various freediving disciplines and records in the past, it was predominantly in the last 50 years that freediving as a sport developed its most.