However, the new era of freediving as a sport started only in 1949 when Raimondo Bucher bet he could dive down to 30m!
Although there have been various freediving disciplines and records in the past, it was predominantly in the last 50 years that freediving as a sport developed its most. The freediving disciplines nowadays are:

Constant Weight
The diver must descend and ascend using only fins and is not allowed to drop any diving weight during the dive.

Variable Weight
The diver uses a weighted sled (max. 35kg)  for descend and returns by pulling on a line or swimming with or without fins.  

No Limits
The diver uses a weighted sled (no max weight required) to dive down and uses an inflatable bag to return to the surface.

Free Immersion
The diver has no fins and uses the line to dive down as well as to return to the surface.  

Constant Weight without fins
The same as in Constant Weight but with no fins and without pulling on the line.

The diver tries to hold his breath as long as possible with at least his head underwater.

The diver dives a horizontal distance, with fins (bi-fins or monofin) or without fins.