About us

As a child I was very impressed with Jacques-Yves Cousteau's documentaries about his underwater adventures and spent many family holidays in Italy by the ocean. This is where my passion for water began!
Along the years my dedication to the ocean grew, mainly through scuba diving, which led me to my own business.  
Manta Diving Madeira is now celebrating its 35th anniversary, but I only got into the "new world" of freediving in the recent years. For my surprise, I did not only discover a new underwater adventure, but also rediscovered myself!
If I look back I can say that I have been a freediver, but it was more of a hobby snorkeling and swimming. It was not until a few years ago when I started to take freediving more seriously and started to work with my personal boundaries to go longer and deeper underwater! I was fascinated!   

This new fascination took me some years of learning and exploring, until I finally decided to offer freediving camps and courses at Manta Diving Madeira .  

Today I agree...

•    Freediving is the new diving, it is hip, cool and fun!

•    Freediving can change your life and lifestyle!

•    Our diving center directly whitin the Underwater Reserve offers the  ideal setting to practice freediving! In addition you can stay nearby at the
        Galo Resort Hotels and enjoy all great services!   

•    Freediving can improve your confidence and tranquility while scuba diving, helping you lower your air consumption....in other words, more time
        to spend underwater!